In Memory of Danny...


January 13, 1942 - December 11, 2000

Daniel H. Dean, Jr. photographed all my artwork, making it possible for me to have this web site and the excellent quality images to make available the prints you see and many others not shown on this web site.

Danny was very spiritual about nature.  We went on many trips backpacking, camping, and hiking while we photographed nature. He thought nothing of balancing on mountain ledges while packing every camera he could stuff in his camera bag, including his 4 x 5 field camera. The paintings that came from these trips will always have special meaning and memories. Danny added much to my life and my art. His photography was excellent; his willingness to stop everything and set up to photograph my pieces at the very last minute, sometimes only hours before they were framed for an art show, was priceless. He assisted me in setting up eight years of art shows at the Laguna Festival, as well as many other art exhibits.

Danny died of multiple myeloma in December 2000. He was born in El Monte, California, and lived in California all his life. Danny excelled in everything that he did. He loved life. He was an artist, loved music (especially Bob Dylan), classic cars, and dirt bike riding. He was a mountain hiker and an avid back packer, going to the Sierras every year to see the view from a new peak.

I painted this portrait for him as a birthday present and want to share it as a tribute to him. Those who knew him believe it captures the essence of Dan Dean.


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